Imagine a bike that makes you a faster rider

Presenting the Velocite Syn. Designed by science. For you.

What is the Syn

Superbike for the real world

"I decided to make a bike that would work with the rider to convert as much of your energy as possible into forward motion. I wanted to see what can be achieved if we applied well established scientific principles and data to design a bike that did not sacrifice performance for the sake of fashion or appearance."

Victor Major, CEO Velocite Tech Co Ltd

Velociete Syn. Designed by science. For you.

Aerodynamics 40%

Stiffness 35%

Comfort 25%

The Velocite Syn is the highest performance road bike currently available. It makes no consessions to heritage, brand design DNA, UCI regulations, or magazine review expectations. It sets the new performance high mark for others to follow.

the methodology

Development process

  • performance objectives
  • Research
  • Prototyping & Testing
  • Production


Days of development


Prototypes made


Number of test riders


Innovation patents

well researched and data driven perfection

What makes the Velocite Syn perform so well?


The only bike that fully integrates standard water bottles in the airflow and maintains low drag laminar flow over most of the frame.


The bottom bracket, chainstay and head tube torsional stiffness are on average 40% higher than the industry norm, delivering instant response to acceleration and perfect steering.


27.2mm seatpost, no seat tube extension, special clamp design and a polymer bumper ensure that you are comfortable while breaking your personal records.


Extensive machine and field testing and use of replaceable dropouts and hangers and stainless steel guides ensure easy maintenance and long trouble free service life.

Easy to live with

The Syn uses internal cable guides, existing standards and parts that increase the amount of time you spend riding your bike, rather than waiting on it to be serviced.

Disc brakes

Good brakes make you ride faster. Flat Mount standard offers the lightest weight and a wide range of brakes to choose from.

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major performance features

  • portfolio

    Head tube

    Low drag head tube profile

    • portfolio


      Aerodynamic fork

    • portfolio

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    • portfolio


      Downtube water bottle integration

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    • portfolio

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what is the syn like to ride?

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